The H1K Story

With over 45 years’ experience in home building and commercial real estate, Murray Franklyn embarked on building luxury residences. Inspired by their love of travel, they also wanted to share the luxury residential experience with people visiting Seattle. Hence the idea for Hotel 1000 was born: a 14-floor luxury hotel crowned by 10 floors of illustrious condominiums.

With an entrepreneurial vision and a break-all-the-rules attitude, the owners of Hotel 1000 set about redefining the luxury hotel experience. Their goal was to create a property that would meet their own refined tastes and exacting standards.

Every decision, from start to finish, was based on the premise that the end result must enhance the guest’s visit. In doing so, Hotel 1000 was purposefully constructed to the more stringent residential (versus commercial) building specifications. As an example, triple-pane windows and air voids between guestrooms insulate each from external noise.

Generous use of leading-edge technology remains at the forefront of the Murray Franklyn guest-centric approach. Electronic doorbells reduce corridor noise levels, and infrared sensors detect body heat in the guestroom, assuring its occupant privacy from unsolicited housekeeping.

For Murray Franklyn thoughtful consideration was given to every detail (big and small) to create a true non-commodity hotel. The finished product: a sought-after Seattle luxury hotel that rises to the accomplished standards of those who brought it to life.