BOKA Restaurant + Bar Announces Launch of New “Love Potion” and Cocktail, BOKA No. 9

 New cocktail features proprietary, in-house tincture offering enhanced stamina, libido



SEATTLE (January 30, 2014) – Just in time for Valentine’s Day, BOKA restaurant + bar in downtown Seattle’s Hotel 1000 announces the launch of its new “love potion” and cocktail, BOKA No. 9.  The new cocktail features BOKA’s proprietary tincture BOKA No. 9 made by its in-house naturopath and offering the consumer effects well beyond the traditional cocktail or everyday tincture.   

The naturopathic BOKA No. 9 tincture is a combination of herbs, spices, roots, leaves and berries.  When consumed on its own or added to BOKA’s new cocktail, its main benefits are that it stimulates and energizes, increasing both stamina and libido.

“The goal with BOKA No. 9 was to create something unique that captured the Northwest and BOKA,” said Cory Duffy, Bar Manager, BOKA restaurant+bar. “We also wanted the drink to be approachable to most and yet appreciated by professionals.” 

“In order to do this,” Duffy continues, “we started with a local gin (Big Gin), which had been aged in six year-old Bourbon casks for 6 months.  We then added an Austrian Pine Liqueur to add that NW aromatic. Next, we layered in Antica vermouth for added depth and richness. To tie it all together we created a sour mix using apple cider, lemon juice and a touch of pure cane simple syrup. The final touch is a dose of the Boka No.9, which acts as not only a bittering agent but an active ingredient in the cocktail.”

The BOKA No. 9 cocktail will launch on BOKA restaurant + bar’s cocktail menu immediately in preparation for the Valentine’s Day rush.  In order to maximize the tincture’s properties, with or without the cocktail, it should be consumed once a day for a week. Currently, the tincture is only available in BOKA’s new cocktail.  However, there are plans to sell the tincture itself directly to the consumer.


Recipe for BOKA No. 9

1 oz. Oak Aged Big Gin

½ oz. Pine Liqueur

½ oz. Antica Vermouth

2 droppers Boka No.9

1 oz. NW Sour (Apple Cider, Lemon, Simple)


Combine ingredients, add ice and shake until cold. Strain into a rocks glass with 1 large ice cube. Garnish with lemon peel.





About Hotel 1000

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